Securing children and young people a voice in preventing and adapting to climate change - from their communities to the UN
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Securing children a voice in climate change

Welcome to the Children in a Changing Climate website!

Children in a Changing Climate is a coalition of leading child-focused research, development and humanitarian organisations each with a commitment to share knowledge, coordinate activities and work with children as agents of change.

We are committed to effective protection and meaningful participation of children and young people in our changing climate.

Children's unique experiences of climate change impacts and their specific insights and priorities need to be recognised in both climate change adaptation and mitigation policy and practice.
The coalition began in 2007 and continues to host events and disseminate research, through film, print and online media, highlighting the importance of child-centred disaster risk reduction and climate change prevention and adaptation. 

Explore resources relating to some of our key global themes using the quick-click map.

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