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Children in a Changing Climate Research
Children on the Frontline: Children and Young People in Disaster Risk Reduction

Children on the Frontline: Children and Young People in Disaster Risk Reduction

Action needed in disaster risk reduction is now more than ever interwoven with action for climate change adaptation.


For the 2009 UN ISDR Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Civil Society around the world produced the unprecedented Views from the Frontline survey on Disaster Risk Reduction. The contribution of Plan and World Vision to this survey enabled the production of this child-focused report.:p:The findings of the survey see that children are, by and large, excluded from the activities that contribute to building the resilience of their local communities. Analysis leads to the argument that good governance is the foundation of DRR. The paper argues that governance and education (both formal and informal) are mutually reinforcing: an informed and motivated citizenry will ensure good governance on DRR, and good governance will thrive on the input of proactive citizens.:p:"DRR inclusion must be full, equal and comprehensive. This means more than simply consulting or asking children what they think of climate and disaster risks. It means giving them access to information that they need to comprehensively understand the dynamics of climate change, and its impact on their rights and their opportunities. It means encouraging them to use that knowledge in creative and innovative ways to safeguard their future, to design and implement their own actions with the support they need, and to take part fully in interventions initiated by adults. This requires a change in the attitude and commitment of stakeholders now to value what children and young people can do.":p:"Children must be engaged as a vital part of the civil society mechanism that monitors HFA progress, which the Views from the Frontline survey has sought to establish. This report describes key findings from a global survey which was designed to validate this argument.":t:Children on the Frontline: Children and Young People in Disaster Risk Reduction:/t:


Walden, D., K. Hawrylyshyn and N. Hall


Plan ,World Vision


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